Carb Stomped!

I ate a few carbs today, after having less than 10 for weeks.

Not many.

Just a few more than 10.

But— I ate them in vegetables and a small amount of cheese.

I could feel the effects on me.


Crampy gut from the asparagus.

Did I mention tired?

So tired— I had time grab a nap!

A nap I did not want to wake up from— still so tired

So, I’m calling this post carb stomped.

Not because I stomped them out—

Because they kicked me to the exhaustion curb!

I haven’t felt tired after a meal in weeks!

Since the last time I indulged in eating veggies with a little melted cheese.

I’ve had a little cheese— not tired at all.

It’s the veggies!

Those “healthy” veggies that are so “good” for us because “fiber” and “vitamins”…

I feel so much more energetic and healthy without them.

Maybe my body is just a carnivore at heart.

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