The War For My Health

I was born to be a fighter.

“Conforming” has never been a thing I’ve just accepted.

Doing things the way everyone else does has never had much appeal for me.

That might be why I most often end up dealing with hard situations alone.

Just as I have dealt with life situations in my own acquired, or learned battle stances, I have taken on the full-on-war for my health.

I will not back down to food cravings or conventional “wisdom”.

Because that has not ever benefited me.

It has never helped me, or made things easier for me.

For too long I attempted to conform to the food pyramid of the (SAD) Standard American Diet.

It’s beyond ironic that it truly did make me sad in every way possible!

Following the advice of the majority— because let’s face it— my tongue loves the taste of carbed foods!

My tongue was leading me, my mind and my body into utter destruction!

Now my eating patterns might look weird to others.

What I eat now has been labeled as “bad” for me.

What I eat now is making me healthier— despite all the negative labels placed on it.

To look at me, anyone would miss the daily battle I am fighting with full force of conviction, prayer and self preservation.

I, at this point, don’t exercise.


Becauseeven as my body is healingincreased activity causes my body to fight itself with inflammation and edema.

Conventional “wisdom” says I should work -out a certain amount everyday, every week.

Conventional “wisdom” says I need to avoid fat because I have too much fat on my body and fat is “bad”.

Conventional “wisdom” does not get to be what shapes me.


Because conventional “wisdom” has lied to me.

Every time.

“Approved” organizations have given me advice that is very bad for me.

In my personal quest to fix my own health issues, God has led me to many truths that those approved organizations have continuously been wrong about.

Eating more fat makes my body release the fat it has held on to.

Because our bodies have been designed to self-preserve.

Our bodies go into starvation mode— and began storing up necessary things— like a squirrel stores nuts in the winter— when it’s deprived of fat.

Our bodies are designed to store fat.

So— eating less fat causes a panic-mode in our body’s self-defense system— which then triggers a fat-hoarding mode.

Because it is tricked into believing it is in danger of not having all it needs!!

Eating fat is satisfying in many ways— especially in giving our body what it needs to be healthy and strong.

Depriving our body of fat— everyday— with low-fat foods— especially de-fatted foods— is actually counterproductive to providing what is needed.

Our bodies want to survive.

Our body’s instinct is to make sure it has what is needed— and to fight off what it finds to be dangerous.

Enter sugars, grains and many plants.

Plants in particular often have a defense mechanism that is actually toxic to humans!

So— while a little can be beneficial— a lot is actually harmful.

Grains work against our bodies during healthy seasons, they turn to glucose— sugar— as we digest them.

Grains work during times of “famine”— self-induced through the Standard American Diet— to make the body store “energy”— fat.

In my latest self-experimentation of keto and carnivore advice— I have lost around 10 pounds from eating mostly bacon and butter.

No vegetables.

No spices.

The bacon has been pre-cooked, the butter (usually Kerigold) has been both salted or unsalted.

I have electrolytes 2-3 times a day.

I have 2-3 drops of iodine, everyday. (When I remember.)

I add as much (smoked) sea salt as tastes good— and I don’t hold back!

I drink less than a gallon of water a day, many days— less than the “RDA”— because my body just doesn’t need that every single day. It varies every day!

Salt does NOT make me “retain” water.

Not enough salt makes my body go into “self-preservation mode”, and then it stores both salt and water.

I am learning how my body works now.

I have not had access to doctor care that is actually catered to my personal issues and needs, so I have prayerfully sought unconventional ways— and they are working!

In my particular circumstances— God has been my Guide, and He is helping me to learn about how He has designed my body to function properly and healthily.

I am still new on this journey.

I have a long way to go.

But now I am equipped for success!!

I will continue to fight the full-on war on my health with increasing confidence.

I have finally found my personal path to health!

I will continue my fight— and God continues to remind me that this battle— and every battle— belong to Him to push through and win.

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