Celebrate The Positives

We are all surrounded with ample opportunities for scrutiny— especially of ourselves, in order to give the appearance of being humble. We can often adapt our mindset and our words to speak lowly of ourselves, pointing out what we see as negative or incomplete.

It’s ok to celebrate the positive things.

It’s good and healthy to recognize the positive things about ourselves, our journeys, and acknowledge those.

Embrace them.

When we focus with a negative perspective, we miss important details. Our perception becomes distorted, inaccurate and unhealthy.

We sabotage our own efforts with negative thoughts and words.

But, when we look closely, and recognize the good things, the positive things— we propel ourselves into success.

Our picture of ourselves comes into clear focus.

Holding a positive, encouraging perspective sets us free from the bondage of holding ourselves back.

And— that is a bondage.

It’s ok to like ourselves. It’s ok to acknowledge our strengths, and to focus on what we do well.

It’s not bad to be confident with ourselves.

It’s then that we can get the full, accurate picture.

What successes can you acknowledge and embrace today?

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