Picking Up The Pieces Of Health And Reshaping Them Into A New Me

13 1/2 months ago, I was a different outer person. My health was declining. I had to take allergy pills everyday and I still lived on 2-3 bags of the strongest of Ricola cough drops to keep constant congestion at bay.

13 1/2 months ago, I bought a blood sugar monitor and delved into the scary world of daily finger-pricking. I expected it to be high, maybe around 160, but I got a scary wake-up jolt. 298!

13 1/2 months ago, I desperately sought God’s direction— did He want me to have to be under a doctor’s care for the rest of my life? Was that the path my very poor eating decisions had delivered me to? Was I now to be handed over to the bondage of someone else making my health decisions for me, possibly including insulin shots? Was there, possibly another way?

13 1/2 months ago as I cried out to God in a deep desperation, I suddenly remembered a video I had recently watched where someone mentioned lowering blood sugar and the possibility of actually reversing type 2 diabetes— with diet!!

I rewatched it.

It was done by a doctor who had 20 years of experience, treating patients, and had been involved in a plethora of research about how the standard American diet was priming us all to end up under a doctor’s care. It is killing us!

I began “devouring” everything I could, gathering every tool possible to move to a different path.

I tested everything he said.

I gave myself a month to just see if anything he said was accurate.

Within that month, my blood sugar lowered down to 90-110 every day! Within that month— I lost around 14 pounds! Within that 1 month, I stopped craving sugar, I learned that I was no longer dependent on specific times I had to eat— I could go up to 16 hours without even getting hungry or thinking about food!

I found my path to freedom.

13 1/2 months later, my difference is:

—my blood sugar stays around 83-93

—the congestion is completely gone!!!

—the black around my knuckles has disappeared

—my eye sight is improving

—I’m able to move around much easier

—neuropathy is nearly gone from my feet

—skin tags are shrinking/gone

—I have more mental clarity

—I am down 5 clothing sizes!!!

Last month when I weighed myself, before my scale broke, I had lost 120 pounds. In 1 year!!!

I don’t even care that my scale is broken! My clothes continue to get looser, inflammation and edema are finally being forced to retreat!

If you know me, you know that inflammation and major edema have been issues for over 2 decades of my life!

No doctor has ever been able to find my “why’s”, nor have they ever been able to actually help me.

That is my “why” for asking God to show me a different way to actual health.

He led me to 2 doctors that actually have helped me find my cure!

It will no doubt shock most that In the last year, I have not exercised. I have limited mobility from the edema, inflammation, and a partially diagnosed immune disorder I was born with. Edema has damaged my right knee significantly, I need to use a cane. The immune disorder has me at a lack of energy disadvantage, which has affected my body’s muscles in a detrimental way.

While I still struggle with this pervasive weakness, the difference I now notice from the beginning of this health journey is it’s not as constant. I have more stamina, I can do more activities, things aren’t near the struggle they were just last year!! My knee is recovering!

I am fighting an uphill battle that is declining in height now! I am overcoming this— I will be the victor over my health! I have that fighting chance!!

Food and sugar addiction, coupled with this immune disorder, have been my core issues since I was a child.

My health is like a phoenix— rising out of the ashes of the dire effects the standard American diet have had me in bondage to for so many years!

I am determined to never, ever go back.

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